Johnson Golden Harvest Products

Johnson Golden Harvest is a family-owned “Open All Year” farm market located in Hooksett, NH. Our mission is to help others to enjoy a healthy lifestyle by providing locally grown produce and pasture raised meats all year long. We provide quality grass-fed beef, lamb, pork, bison and pasture-raised chicken! We are also proud of the feedback we receive about our raw milk, farm fresh eggs, fresh baked breads, homemade pies and baked goods and many other Made in NH food products!

Johnson Golden Harvest strives to provide an old-time feel of family and friendship because: “We are large enough to serve you and small enough to care!”

Our Product Offerings


Apples (Native NH Cortland)
Apples (Native NH Honey Crisp)
Apples (Native NH Macs)
Apples (native NH Macoun)
Beans (Native NH Green)
Blueberries (Native NH)
Brussel Sprouts (Organic)
Corn (Native NH Butter & Sugar)
Cucumbers (Native NH)
Cucumbers (Native NH Pickling/Garden)
Garlic (Native NH Organic)
Greens (Native NH Organic Kale)
Greens (Native NH Organic Salad Greens)
Greens (Organic Baby Spinach)
Lettuce (Romaine)
Onions (Native NH Organic Cipollini)
Onions (Native NH Organic Red)
Onions (Native NH Organic Yellow)
Peaches (Native NH Peaches)
Peppers (Native NH Green)
Peppers (Red)
Potatoes (Native NH Russets)
Potatoes (Native NH Sweet)
Shallots (Native NH Organic)
Squash (Native NH Acorn)
Squash (Native NH Butternut)
Squash (Native NH Delicata)
Squash (Native NH Blue Hubbard)
Squash Native NH Red Curry)
Squash (Native NH Spaghetti)
Strawberries (Organic)
Tomatoes (Native NH)

Produce Sourced From:

Apple Hill Farm
Brookford Farm
Carter Hill Farm
Dimond Hill Farm
J & F Farms
Lavoie Farms
Leonard Farms
Vegetable Ranch
Warner River Organics


Bacon (Country Smoked Bacon)
Bacon (Uncured)
Beef (Ground)
Beef (Rib Eye Steaks)
Beef (Sirloin Steaks)
Beef (Stew Meat)
Beef (Tenderloin Steaks)
Bison (Ground)
Bison (Patties)
Bison (Steak Tips)
Chicken (Free-Range Whole Chicken)
Chicken (Free- Range Boneless Skinless)
Hotdogs (Local Natural Casing)
Kielbasa (Garlic)
Kielbasa (Maple)
Lamb (Ground)
Pork (Ground)
Pork (Meat Pie)
Pork (Sausage, Chorizo)
Pork (Sausage, Hot)
Pork (Sausage, Maple Breakfast)
Pork (Sausage, Sweet Italian)
Turkey (Ground)
We are happy to order any cut of meat that you are looking for!

Meats Sourced From:

Black River Produce

Fox Country Smoke House

Misty Knoll Farms

North Country Smokehouse

PT Farm

Yankee Farmer’s Market



Fox Country Smoke House
Cheese (Extra Sharp Cheddar)
Cheese (Gouda)
Cheese (Horseradish Cheddar)
Cheese (Raw Milk Cheddar)
Cheese (Fresh Mozzarella)
Cheese (Cranberry Windsordale)
Eggs (Pastured Free-Range)
Milk (Raw) from Lorren Joyce Farm

Baked Goods

Route 28 Bakery
Bread (Cheddar Cheese)
Bread (Cinnamon Swirl)
Bread (Dutch Apple)
Bread (Parmesan, Oregano, Garlic)
Bread (Squash)

Abigail’s Bakery
Bread (Gluten Free Millet & Brown Rice)
Bread (Gluten Free Cinnamon Raisin Millet)

Valley View Orchard Pies
Pie (Apple)
Pie (Apple Crisp)
Pie (Apple Blueberry)
Pie (Apple Raspberry)
Pie (Wild Blueberry)
Pie (Peach Raspberry)
Pie (Strawberry Rhubarb)
Pie (Pork Pie)

New Hampshire Made Products

Will n Roses
Pumpkin Seeds
Sunflower Seeds
Carlson Orchard
Apple Sauce (New England McIntosh Apple Sauce)
Apple Hill Farm
Barbecue Sauce (Apple Butter Barbeque Sauce)
Doug’s Best Batch
Barbecue Sauce (Bar-B-Que Slather)
Ledge Top Sugar House
Barbecue Sauce (Maple Barbeque Sauce)
Chomper’s Choice
Dog Treats (Gluten Free)
One More Cup Coffee
Coffee (Sunrise Blend)
Coffee (Sunset Blend)
Coffee (Mountain Spring Organic Decaf)
Wozz Kitchen Creations
Dressing (Spiced Basil Cider)
Dressing (Spiced Beet)
Dressing (Balsamic Blueberry and Maple)
Dressing (North African Chermoula)
Dressing (Ginger Soy Infusion)
Dressing (Sweet Orange Sesame)
Dressing (Japanese Sesame Miso)
Dressing (Blueberry Balsamic Finishing Vinegar)
Dressing (Spiced Pear Finger Finishing Vinegar)
Dressing (Spiced Strawberry Rhubarb Finishing Vinegar)
Three Acres Kitchen
Dressing (Balsamic Vinaigrette)
Dressing (Balsamic Cooking Sauce)
Hutchinson’s Candy
Maple Caramel Corn
Seaside Kettle Corn
Maple Nut Kitchen
Granola (Almond Cranberry)
Granola (Coconut Date)
Granola (Lavender Blueberry)
Granola (Mocha Chip)
Granola (Sweet and Salty)
Granola (Paleo Eastern Apple)
Granola (Northern Berry Harvest)
Granola (Paleo Southern Chili Almond)
Granola (Paleo Western Cocoa Cayenne)
Baby Bear Apaires
Honey (Raw)
Apple Hill Farm
Jam (Apple Butter)
Jam (Maple Apple Butter)
Jam (Peach)
Jam (Raspberry)
Jam (Raspberry Peach)
Jam (Strawberry)
Jam (Strawberry Rhubarb)
Jam (Three Fruit)
Ben’s Sugar Shack
Maple Cream
Maple Sugar
Maple Syrup
Blackwater Mustard
Mustard (Sweet and Hot)
Debbie D’s Homemade
Pickles (Beets)
Pickles (Eggs)
Pickles (Bread and Butter)
Pickles (Dilly Beans)
Pickles (Garlic Dills)
Pickles (Mustard)
White Mountain Pickle Company
Pickle Kits (Bread and Real Butter)
Pickle Kits (Double Dirty Deli)
Pickle Kits (Double Dirty Dills)
Pickle Kits (Double Dirty Dilly Beans)
Pickle Kits (Fire on the Mountain)
Pickle Kits (Italian Herb)
Pickle Kits (Mustard and Dill)
Pickle Kits (New York Deli Style)
Pickle Kits (Pickles in Paris)
Pickle Kits (Polish Dill)
Doug’s Best Batch
Salsa (Medium-Hot)
Wozz Kitchen Creations
Kiwi Lime Salsa Verde
One Life Aronia
Sauce (Flaming Karma Ghost Sauce)
Sauce (Peri-Peri Mango Lime Sauce)
Ironbound Island
Seaweed (Wild Atlantic Kelp)
Seaweed (Wild Atlantic Dulse)
Life’s Little Pleasures
Soup (Beef Barley)
Soup (Black Bean and Corn)
Soup (Broccoli and Cheddar)
Soup (Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice)
Soup (Corn Chowder)
Soup (Friendship)
Soup (Mushroom Barley)
Soup (Potato and Leek)
Soup (Pumpkin and Pasta)
Soup (Taco and Rice)
Soup (Vegetable)
Valicenti Organico
Spaghetti Sauce (Golden Gravy)
Spaghetti Sauce (Red Gravy)
Spaghetti Sauce (Alla Norma)
Camp Mix
Spices (Honey Cinnamon)
Spices (Original)
Spices (Spud Fixin)